Akron's climate is technically known as humid continental. This means that the region experiences four distinct seasons, marked by cold winters, wet springs, hot summers and cool, dry autumns.

    Temperatures hit their highest points in August, when average highs climb into the 80s and lows are just above 60. The coldest months are January and February, when highs reach only into the lower-30s, and lows are in the upper teens. The temperature has been known to drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit on some winter nights. Precipitation is pretty constant throughout the year, with the summer seeing slightly more than the winter. Snowfall is normal as temperatures frequently drop below freezing in the winter. Snowfall can last through April. 

    The sunniest time for Akron is in July, and the cloudiest month is December. Autumn and Spring are generally cloudy, and can hide the sun for long stretches at a time.

Annual Events

    In July, the city hosts the World Championships of Soap Box Derby, which brings in a large number of outsiders to the area. If visiting during late July, make sure you call to book your hotel room in advance.