As soon as the sun sets in Bodrum, the sound of live music starts rising all over town. Often considered to be the nightlife capital of Turkey, Bodrum has enough discos and clubs on just one street - Cumhuriyet, nicknamed "Barstreet" - to keep the parties going late into the night and early into the morning.

Follow the crowds and flashing neon lights and you’ll arrive in Halicarnas, a nightclub to end all nightclubs. If you don't let the line of people waiting to get in and the steep cover price discourage you, you'll get to hobnob with Turkey’s young and beautiful as well as dance the night away (or at least until 3:30 in the morning, when the action starts to wind down.) Halicarnas also puts on a light show that you can enjoy from the outside.

Moored up just behind the castle is Club Catamaran,exactly what the name says- a huge boat that sails out at 01.00 returning just before dawn.You can dance the night away on the glass dance floor!

Near to the morring point is Club Hadigari a well known venue for many types of live music and a little more low key than the previous twpo clubs.

In addition to conventional nightclubs, the Turks have the meyhane , a place where yo ucan eat,drink,converse and generally make merry Turkish syle.. Going to a meyhane is like attending a concert, because crowds gather in front of the band and often start singing along. The Veli, among Bodrum's oldest bars, is one such place where you can hear a live band while sipping your drink.. The singers don’t arrive until midnight or later, so you may have to sacrifice sleep to truly appreciate this aspect of Bodrum.Many non Turks feel intimidated about going into these seemingly Turk only bastions but please don't be,everyone is made very welcome and even though you may not understand the words of the songs the cheery rhythms are guaranteed to get you up and dancing!
Along by the marina there are several well known and more upscale bar/restaurants where you can watch the Turkish jet set at play.Bodrum has bars to suit all ages and all tastes,whether you want high energy dance or just a low key laid back intimate drink.