Travelers are strongly advised not to rent a car for getting around Hangzhou .  It is possibly to do so, increasingly possible actually, but the roads of Hangzhou are getting more and more crowded. Prices are relatively high in comparison to other travel options in the area, although they are reasonable in comparison with international standards.  Travelers who want to get around on their own (without using public transportation - ) will find that renting a bicycle is far better of an idea than renting a car is.

Taxis, on the other hand, are a decent option. They run throughout the day and night, are easy to hail on the streets and generally charge fair rates.  However, because Hangzhou is a city of 6 million people and less than 9,000 taxis, taxis are difficult to nearly impossible to find on rainy days, at rush hours, and when the drivers shange shifts (3:30-5:30). Travelers should note that drivers sometimes try to over-charge passengers and so prices should be discussed in advance of accepting the ride, but for the most part, travelers will find that this is a safe and efficient method for getting anywhere in the city and even throughout the greater surrounding area.

Travelers will find that taxis can even be used for getting guided tours around the city.   They simply need to call and request an English-speaking driver for a half day or full day Hangzhou tour.