Travelers will find that the buses in Hangzhou are an excellent method of getting around the area but that they require a little bit of education before being able to use them conveniently.  This is because there are numerous different types of buses in Hangzhou , making it convenient to reach nearly any area in the city but difficult to learn which buses go where.

The first buses which travelers will probably want to learn about are the tour buses.  These are standard public transportation buses which go specifically to attractions of interest to travelers.  Some of these include guides and some do not; the ones that do are nice for travelers because they usually offer information about the different spots in English as well as in the local language.  The West Lake tour bus is the most popular of these, offering both day and night rides to this enjoyable area of Hangzhou .  Tourist buses are denoted by a "Y" (youle, perhaps?) before the bus number.

The other types of buses include standard, double-decker, and varied size buses.   There are also air conditioned buses, some of which run along the tour bus routes.   While normal buses are marked simply with the bus number, air conditioned (or heated) buses are marked with a "K" (kongtiao) in front of the bus number.   More information about all of these different buses is available online at .