Travelers should be prepared for a little bit of culture shock when they are spending time in Hangzhou, especially if they are traveling from somewhere other than Asia.  This is because it is quite crowded there in comparison to many locations and travelers often find that this leads to some safety issues for them.  The area is not particularly dangerous, but there are some problems with petty theft.  Bicycle theft is also a huge problem in the area.  Travelers will frequently rent or even buy bicycles to get around and will find that they are stolen within a few days.  Travelers should be sure to get a secure lock for their bicycles, although even this sometimes does not prevent the problem.  Travelers should try to park bicycles in well-lit areas or areas where they can keep on eye on them whenever this is possible.  Similarly, travelers should always watch out for the own belongings and be aware of their surroundings.  The more crowded an area gets, the more likely it is that a traveler will become a victim of a petty theft crime.  Being alert helps t prevent most problems.

Travelers will find that, despite these problems, the area is not particularly dangerous.  The nightlife ( ) is active and it is safe to go out.  The public transportation and taxi hire are safe options.  Common sense should make it perfectly fine to visit the area.

Travelers to China should pack their own hand sanitizer and pocket-pack kleenex because some of the bathrooms may be out of running water and toilet paper. Packing a face mask to cover the nose and mouth is helpful during high pollution days and during flu season.