The Chaptel, locally known as the Hu Bian Cun, or literally the Village of the West Lake, is a municipally-protected historical site with several rows of Shikumen-style townhouses. Used to be the native residential area, it is today highly valued to be an important destination to review the civil tradition, the regional modern history of Hangzhou during the era of the Republic of China (1912-1949), the art of Shikumen architectural style prevailed in 1930s, and the hard time of Korea’s fighting against Japan under the leadership of Kim GU, the Founding Father of Korea. Apart from the stories hidden here, many citizens think of it as a retreat choice for weekends.

the old gate of hubiancun, hangzhou 

The Chaptel is located on Changsheng Road, a quite prosperous and crowded business and leisure zone officially named Hubin Area. The surrounding buildings include the Yizhijia Fashion Tower, Overseas Chinese Hotel, Dongpo Theater and etc. The main avenues like Qingchun Road, Dongpo Road and Yanan Road are available by walking 5 minutes or so. On the other hand, a shortcoming reveals- the lack of the sufficient parking sites  

 As an important historical site, the highlight of the Chaptel is the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, and the historical heritage sites that Zhang Yichun left. Speaking of Zhang Yichun(1895-1982), an introduction should be given. He was a key historical man in the history of the Hubiancun, and Zhang Yichun was famous for his nickname – Little Zhang Fei. Actually, he was a powerful military general of the Republic of China, and acted as the governor of Zhejiang province and Anhui province. In accordance with the record of history, he served the military group of Gui Troops for more than 20 years, due to the special treatments of Li Tsung-jen and Pai Chung-his. He experienced many big battles during the World War Two, like Shanghai Battle, Xuzhou Battle and Wuhan Campaign…

Hangzhou is a leisure city of China, and many Chinese people like it not only for its natural landscapes, but the enchantment of history and culture. The Chaptel may be is a part of that. Annually, many Korean travelers and Chinese people visit here for learning the history and taking a vacation.  

 the inside show of the Korean Provisional Government in Chaptel, Hangzhou