VDNKh or National Economic Exhibition is a fascinating monument to the Soviet era. First opened in 1959, it was a permanently functioning exposition meant to showcase industrial and agricultural achievements in the USSR. Over 500 acres of park-like grounds are dotted with neoclassical pavilions and fountains still bearing gold socialist symbols and sculptures. These days amusement rides and vendor stalls are all over the park. The  Botanical Gardens and remarkable Ostankino Palace are nearby. (metro VDNKh)

Donskoi Monastery is in the southwestern part of Moscow and can be easily reached by subway (metro Shabolovskaya). It was built in the late 16th century in honor of the victory over the Tatar horde. There are two attractive cathedrals and burial grounds surrounded by defensive walls. From 1934 the monastery served as a branch of the Architecture Museum and preserved architectural fragments of demolished churches and public buildings. The pieces of destroyed monuments still remain here, although some, like the dismantled Triumphal Gates, were re-assembled and moved to their original locations after spending over 30 years in storage.

Kuskovo is worth a visit. It is a woodland park with 24 hour open access and a wooden palace and associated buildings in a formal garden for which entry for foreign tourists to all of the exhibits is quite expensive but you can choose to see only some of them if you have enough russian to explain to the cashier. See at least the wooden palace, the grotto and the italian cottage. The orangery is now a porcelain museum and the dutch cottage though interesting is not the best value for money. Get the purple line metro to Ryazanskiy Prospekt and take the number 208 bus from the side of the road opposite the metro entrance with the stalls and kiosks. The bus turns right after a few hundred yards and then after abouit half a mile crosses the railway at which point the woodland part of the park is on the left. The buildings are at the far end of the park at the third bus stop after the railway.  If you should get the bus going the wrong way, don't worry, It does a ten minute loop around the local housing and returns to the station going the right way! You will know it's wrong because it does not cross a railway and goes much further before it turns right.

Kolomenskoe. It has a park, churches, an italianate pavilion and great views over an escaprment in the Moscow river. Very atmospheric. Green line to Kolomenskaya, out of the Metro and its about a five minute walk up Ulitsa Andropova.

 A few stops further down the line to Orekhovo or Tsaritsyno is Tsaritsyno. Out of the Metro and turn right and its in front of you after about a 10 minute walk. It is a renovated palace build for Catherine the Great in a large landscaped park.

Novodevitchy convent and cemetery - metro Sportivnaya - cemetery contains the graves of many famous russians such as Yeltsin, Gogol, Khruschev, Raisa Gorbachev and the convent is one of the holiest. It has a belltower, churches.

The oldest and for sure the most beautiful shop In Eleseevsky Store. This store you can find in most of guide books, and it is worth visiting. Functioning these days as a supermarket, when you come inside it looks more like a museum with gorgeous interiors of XVIII century!