A sailing charter/tour in the San Blas is a wonderful way to see the islands! Unlike the boats sailing between Cartagena and Panama  you can customize your own  private sailing trips. Not everyone wants to do a long offshore trip with strangers.

If you are considering booking a sailing trip in the San Blas you should do some research online. See what boats are available to be contacted directly .By dealing directly with the captain,  you can discuss what you would like in terms of accomadations, food, itinerary, will the trip be private or shared,  and cost. After a few emails back and forth, you should be able to get an idea of what the boat has to offer and the personality of the captain

Most of the captains will be happy to make all your travel arrangements with a SUV 4X4 as well as launcha boats..

Should you book your trip with a yacht broker/travel agent? These businesses, like any business, are doing it to make money. They typically charge a 20 to 30 per cent commission. This greatly increaces the cost of your trip!

If you do an online search, try phrasing your search differently and you will find different boats will be listed.

Enjoy your adventure!