Mahdia is a small Tunisia city which is easily navigable on foot.  Travelers walking through the city may be able to tell a slight difference between the separate neighborhoods of Mahdia, although these neighborhoods blend together more than in many other world locations.

The main neighborhood travelers are likely to be familiar with is the Old Town ( ).  This is the historic heart of Mahdia which is comprised of a combination of ancient sites and restored buildings, creating the effect of making visitors to the area feel as though they have just stepped directly in to the past when they have entered.  The main thing to see in this neighborhood is the major mosque located there.  However, just wandering around and experiencing historic life is a terrific way to explore the neighborhood.

Another neighborhood travelers will notice is the Skifa el-Kahla section, which was originally the only way through which travelers could enter Mahdia.  It is a beautiful port location which was first constructed in the middle of the sixteenth century and which marks an important part of Mahdia’s past.

One of the lesser known neighborhoods which might be of interest to travelers is the Cap d’Afrique.   This section is right at the end of the peninsula and is noticeable because of the red lighthouse which stands there.   Travelers go here to see the old forts that are there but the view itself is worth the visit.