Destination Kochi/Cochin is the official tourism board's website for the city of Cochin, India.   The site's homepage provides historical and background information about the city, including facts about its culturally diverse past and rich seafaring traditions.  The site also provides transportation information, including ways to get there by air and by sea, as well as maps and local transportation info.  Hotel and dining listings are also provided on the site as are weather reports and suggested sightseeing itineraries.  Travelers to the city will find the website's General Info page useful, as it contains demographic information, important phone numbers and currency exchange information.  Those interested in seeing the city's sights will find full descriptions of Cochin's major attractions on the site's Tourism Page.  Business travelers will also find the site useful.  The Industry Page gives an overview of the city's ports and major business regions.  For more information on Cochin, the tourist board can be contacted by using the Feedback button on the top of the page.