Located on the one of the poshest roads of Bangalore Lavelle Road & Vittal Road, U.B City Mall is a high end which it is popularly known as.

The skyline defining development, UB City, located in the heart of Bangalore is the new jewel of the city. UB City raises the bar on lifestyle, environment, corporate workplaces and shopping. One of the largest mixed use developments this side of the world, its a destination address for the discerning traveller!

At the entrance of UB City Mall itself, you realize the expansive and grandiose aspect of the mall, with gurgling fountains welcoming you at the threshold. Spread over lakhs and lakhs of square feet, the UB City Mall Bengaluru primarily houses luxury brands. So those with high-end budgets looking for authentic international goods can visit UB City Mall Bengaluru to shop for products of Jimmy Choo, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Omega, Mont Blanc …it goes on....

If you want to see the biggest brands of the world, this is the place. The biggest International names are here and are here to stay. 

The UB City also houses around 8-10 restaurants from Thai to Italian to Rajasthani(Indian).  Its not as much the food but the entire experience which makes this food court stand out.