Hefei is a rather wonderful city.

It is surrounded by a canal, which originally was a moat that surrounded the city.

The Canal/river is edged with a walking path or track that takes you right around the city. There is a tower, a library, an art gallery, many statues and many beautiful gardens along this river walk.

The city is inside this circle of water, and it is not that big; it takes about 15 minutes to walk from one side to the other.

There is a main street where all the business and main shops are, then a fascinating walking street which runs parallel to the main street, and on either side there are markets, Women's street, stalls and shops in an exotic and amazing display.

The restaurants are well priced and fantastic, and the shops are excellent by western standards.  There are  high quality shopping arcades next to the Holiday Inn, and along Women's Street near Wuhu Road.

You can see some photos of Hefei here.