Muharraq City, once the capital, is one of the oldest in Bahrain. in fact there are few buildings that their age are not determined.

The name Muharraq, from Arabic, means burning. Some say that it was a place where people head to during the ancient Greek ages to sacrifice to the Gods by burning things. There was some evidence that was found in many places too.

Muharraq was a group of islands that you can't really walk between in the high-tides, however you can do so when the tides are low. There is, until today, a village called (Hallat al S'lutah) that they have their football (soccer) playing field under the water and they play only when the sea water is away. Today, all these islands are linked and reclamation of the sea has even passed most of them because of urban expansion.

Muharraq is still important as it has the only commercial airport (referred to by BAH). It has Bahrain’s largest sea port (under construction) Mina Khalifa bin Salman port. Industrial areas, Bahrain’s only free zone, commercial districts and luxurious developments of many tastes. Yet it still has it’s old neighborhoods where you can get lost in it’s narrow lanes or walk in to dead ends.

Muharraq’s main villages are Galali, Samaheej and Dair; there’s a story for every one. While there are three main towns which are Hidd, Arad and Muharraq which is a combination of many neighborhoods and districts.