Esfahan is a very beautifull city . A pearl in the Middle East and locals call it : " Esfahan , half of the world " -- and it is really true! It is a very nice historical city. A must see for every one in world.

The Zayande Rood river crosses in the middle of the city; there are very nice and historical bridges on the river like 33 pol bridge, Khajou bridge, and Marnan bridge.

Esfahan has many historical sites, and many parks on both sides of Zayande Rood river and within the city. It would take a minimum of a full week to visit half these sites .

Esfahan glows at night. It is so beautifull to go out and sit by the river or have a walk and enjoy the unique views of Esfahan.

When you visit, you will enjoy both historic and modern architecture - old Bazaars and modern hotels with rotating restaurants on top - all gathered in just one city.

Esfahan has some of the best hotels in Iran, or perhaps the Middle East and you will have a great stay.

Don't miss Esfahan.