Konoba Dubrovnik - Lozica,Dubrovnik

"Paradise for all your sences and much more..."

Oh la la,..where to begin, it's an old and well known family tavern just a few km from the Old Town of Dubrovnik surrounded by beautiful nature and a view to kill for, so in addition to the fantastic home made cuisine, they are well known for the open fire grill, always fresh fish that was just taken out from the clear blue Sea, shrimps that simply melt in your mouth, wine that will transcend you into that higher state of mind that all seek when on holidays, chocolate pancakes that you simply must have even when you're bursting after just perfect prosciutto and veggies that grow in their garden, all 100% fresh and natural, no GMO here :-)

You will be greeted with a big and warm smile from the young owner Dijana in any language that you may speak. Prices are great as is the quality of the food and the quantity you get. The master of grill is Dijana's Father, Dundo Boro. They stock both wonderful local sorts and fine wine and local brandy too. 

The Tavern (Konoba in local dialect) is so cosy that you never wish to leave, the view spectacular overlooking the Sea and the nearby Islands, in one word divine all around. One more thing no parking hassle, parking is secured and in front of the Tavern.

Nowhere else will you feel so welcome and at peace like here. Place to unwine and totally relax and forget about all else. Best part of this year's vacation were the evenigs spent here. Oh and one more thing. Pets are more than welcome.