There are plenty of websites about Croatia available online, but certain ones provide more useful and non-biased information than others.

            A good place to begin doing some research is on the Croatia National Tourist Board website.  This is a good site that provides useful information for first time travelers and returning visitors to the country.  For those who have never been to Croatia, the General Info link has plenty of facts and statistics that build a brief background of the country, including population numbers, climate details, and currency used.  The Destinations link allows the user to obtain information specific to the country’s many regions, islands, and towns.  This is a good way to figure out which area of the country to explore during a future visit.  Of course this site also contains general information about how to get there, where to stay, what to do, etc…

            Another site that offers useful links and information for visitors is the Find Croatia website.  Amongst general travel information and destination overviews, this site has a great Photo Gallery to provide potential visitors with inspiration to plan a trip.  

            A good way to get to know an area better is by studying its geography.  Get started by looking at a Map of Croatia.

            Visit the Foreign Embassies List for detailed information about those countries who have locations in Croatia.