Croatia is a young and vibrant country, excited about its future and proud of its opulent natural assets.  Croatians call their country "our beautiful", and rightly so - just look at the photographs on this website.  Croats are exceptionally good at sports.  The majority of Croats are Catholic (and exuberantly, devotedly so - witness the visit of pope Benedict in 2011). Croatia is an EU member state and enjoys legal, political and economic stability rivalling the best in Europe.

Along the Adriatic coast, Croatians are not nearly as warm and friendly as the various Croatian tourist boards will have you believe.  They are a tough bunch.  You won't make any friends here.  Driving along any major road you will still, 20 years after the war, see adulatory placards bearing pictures of men in military uniform.  You will nevertheless have a great holiday here; the reception is polished, professional and courteous (albeit often curt, chilly and distant).