Some Hvar basics:

1. Getting there - you will need to fly to the main land and then get a ferry to Hvar - these ferries get booked very very quickly as there are only a set number which run each day. Make sure you book your tickets online BEFORE leaving home. Print out your booking confirmation and then take this to the ferry office BEFORE trying to get on the ferry, as the office will need to give you different tickets which the ferry will accept - your print out confirmation is not enough to physically get you on the ferry. A single from Split to Hvar is around 55 kuna and is roughly an hour journey. The ferrys do leave on time - so don't be late.

2. Money - your money will go a long way if you want it to. In most places large beers are 15-30 kuna (£1.50-3.00) - a glass of wine is around 30-45 kuna - and a bottle of house wine around 100 kuna. Meals vary but vary from 65-80 kuna for a pizza, 120 for a steak, 20 for a sandwich, and only 8-10 kuna for gelato. Taxi boats to Jerolim 40 kuna return. A mix of naturist and textile bathers on Jerolim, it's a relaxed vibe, so kick back.

3. Accommodation - most accommodation on Hvar appear to be apartments. There are some hostels and a couple of hotels but on the whole its mainly apartments. If you haven't pre-booked then don't worry - many apartment owners greet the ferrys at the port offering accommodation. The hostels book up very quickly, so plan ahead if you can. If you take accommodation right in the town centre then expect noise - bars are open late! 

4. Things to do - there are day trips advertised and it is easy to get a taxi boat to the islands such as Jerolim which are just off shore from Hvar. Lots of boat trips, boat/bike/car hire so easy to get around. The town itself is lovely to walk around and visit the castle. Sunbathe and swim. There are lots of restaurants and bars with a very exciting night scene. 

5. What to pack - insect repellent - the bugs aren't that bad but a few do come out very early morning and late afternoon, night-time seems to be fine though. Although Hvar seems quite fancy, there are no strict dress codes, but it is a great place to get dressed up for - you'll fit right in. Girls: you might be tempted to wear heels, but the marble cobbles in the town could be tricky to negotiate, especially after a night out. Safer to wear sparkly flats instead. A thick beach towel - there are no sandy beaches on or off Hvar - all rock or stones - but still beautiful.

6. Who goes there - the island is very popular with people of all ages, with a lot being from Italy. A number of sailing trips pull into harbour each night along with many yachts and sailing boats. A mix of ages and different people, but not many families.  

7. Any bad points - nope - Good food, drinks, people and scenery. It's lively but very safe.

8. Water - The tap water in Hvar and was fine to drink. The sea is very very clear so perfect for swimming and snorkelling. 

9. Landscape - the town itself is low level with the harbour, however the majority of accommodation is uphill from the town. Steps and roads can be steep in places. 

10. Facilities - The town has many supermarkets, shops, bars, cash points, internet hubs, ferry booking office, hire agencies, bars, restaurants, laundry, and many gelato outlets.