Taxis are inexpensive: about 1$ - 3$ maximum to almost anywhere on the downtown and metro area.  There are no taximeters, so bargain before entering any cab.  Most streets are one way on  the city centre. To hail a cab hold out your arm and wave it. Taxis can be ordered by a phone call, it would be better than hailing one on the street. If you're taking a taxi, be sure that license plate number is also painted on both sides of the taxi, all taxis will be  painted in yellow, be sure of that before taking one. For your security and safeness, consult to your hotel recepcionist or manager for a list of taxi companies that  they rely on, and if you take anyone on the list, be sure that you would be safe. Of course, no one, just the driver and you should be inside the vehicle, and if the driver asks if he can pull over to pick up someone (his "girlfriend," for example) say no! and just leave the cab.

Be especially careful of using cabs around the Plaza de Armas (Main square), as there have been many robberies, kidnappings, and murders recently by fake taxis hanging around the Plaza and in many streets around the city centre.  Always write the taxi license plate number on a handbook, cell phone or notebook before entering taxi.

Buses and public transport

Buses and microbuses are the cheapest way to go in the city and on many countries in Southamerica, but they won't offer a great or average service. Public transportation is used by local people, no many tourist use it because it's uncomfortable and frustrating; it takes a long time and always you can find people standing on the middle of bus. You are not allowed to bargain like in taxis, the price for a ride is S/. 0,70. and it would be collected by a ticket collector inside the bus, in Arequipa you won't receive a ticket after paying it.

Rental cars and parking

Rental cars are expensive and a better option could be taking one lended by a friend, but that's up to you. Parking is inexpensive, around S/.1 - S/.3 ( 1$ ), but driving here is a challange and not many tourists who were used to drive in highways and big roads are able to drive in Arequipa´s narrow streets, even if you think you're an expert driver in a chaotic city like NY or Japanese cities.  Streets are cobblestone in the downtown area and in historic neighbourhoods. Many drivers, inclusive Taxi drivers, frequently honk for no apparent reason and they won't use directional lights, so take care about this and be sure of it before crossing streets and avenues.

- Always remember that you can pay only with Peruvian Nuevos Soles (PEN), and  be sure that you have many coins on your pocket or wallet, for taxi drivers and ticket collectors it's nuisance  taking a billet and giving you the change.