Arequipa is small enough that you can get to most of what you’ll want to see on foot. When exploring, consider starting at the Plaza de Armas. This is the historic center, which features a cathedral on the north side and porticoed buildings on the remaining three sides. From there, go a few blocks north to find most of the more popular hotels and restaurants, as well as many tourist attractions. If you go west from the plaza you will come to Rio Chili. Two bridges, Puente Grau and Puente Bolognesi, cross to the residential neighborhood of Yanahuara, and La Recoleta Monastery.

If you want to explore a little farther out, or are just wiped out from the heat, you can easily get a taxi. Though they’re easy enough to hail on the street, it is recommended that you call a taxi dispatcher to have a car sent, especially at night. Most hotel concierges or restaurants owners will be happy to assist. The reason is that there have been reports of crimes by taxi drivers against their passengers, but these incidences seem to be limited to street-hailed taxis.