Flying to Arequipa, Airlines

If you’re flying into Arequipa, from Lima you have two options:

  • LanPeru, they make around 8 to 12 daily trips between Lima and Arequipa; and a few less from Juliaca and Tacna, the prices go from 104$ USD to 204$ USD one-way, and 79$ USD on round trip. Lan takes the charge of 178.50$ USD if a foreigner flies with an Economy-Basic ticket, in this case you have to buy a Economy-Basic Plus ticket which cost from 242$ USD to 545$ USD. If you are buying a ticket on a Lan International site, you won't find prices below 445$ USD.
  •  Peruvian Airlines, just 4 trips per day, they offers tickets from 79$ USD on an one-way trip;  they flies only from Lima.
  • From Santiago-Antofagasta-Iquique-Arica, in Chile, you can arrive to Arequipa with Sky Airlines.
A normal flight takes 1:15 hours aproximately from Lima, and less if you come from Cusco, Juliaca or Tacna. They arrive at Aeropuerto Rodriguez Ballon, which is less than 5 miles northwest of the city. From there you can easily take a taxi or a shared collective service to your hotel. There's the possibility of renting a car or taking a shuttle service.

Longterm bus

If you’re arriving by bus, you may come into the main station, Terminal Terrestre, or the newer station, Nuevo Terrapuerto de Arequipa. Both are located on Avenida Don Andres Avelino Caceres, just 2,5 miles or so from the downtown area. There are several bus companies to choose from, including Cruz del Sur, Oltursa, and Ormeño. A bus one-way ticket from Lima would cost between $ 15 to $50 depending on the type of seat one buys, and double for the round trip; but you can ask for special offers and pay a percentage less for buying the round-trip and would take another benefits too. The time for a bus ride could be long:

  • From Lima it's about 15 to 17 hours
  • From Ica it's about 10 hours
  • From Nazca it's about 8 hours
  • From Cuzco it's about 8 hours
  • From Puno it's about 6 hours
  • From Juliaca it's about 4 hours
  • From Moquegua it's about 4 hous
  • From Tacna it's about 5 hours

-From/To Cusco the ride can be as long as 15 hours on an unpaved road, or a simply ride of 8 hours through the city of Juliaca.

-From Chivay/Colca Canyon is a 3-hour ride, complain about to the driver of the bus or anyone responsable in the bus company that you take if the journey takes more than 4-5 hours. Many tourist transportation services will pick you up at your hotel, consult for info about Colca Canyon at your hotel and travel agencies before you go; another way is taking a bus in the Terminal Terrestre de Arequipa or Nuevo Terrapuerto de Arequipa in the early morning. 

Please be sure that don't use old, dirty and crumble bus services, or taking a bus in an informal bus station, not recommendable.The bus stations, and even the buses themselves, are common places for pickpocketing and other robberies. Keep an eye on your bag all the time, even locking it to the rail if possible. And do yourself a favor by sticking with a more reputable bus company, like the ones underlined above.