Hello: Kon-nichi-wa(standard Japanese) or Maido(=My-dough) (Osaka dialect)

Good-bye: Sayonara(standard Japanese)  or hona-mata(=Phone-eh-mutter)(Osaka dialect)

How are you?: Ogenki desu ka? (standard Japanese) or Mo-kari-makka or (More-cari-mocker)

Thank you: Arigato, or Arigato gozaimas (more polite)(Standard Japanese)

O-kini(=Oh-kidney)(Osaka dialect) 

Please Dozo (=dough-zoh)

Do you speak English  Eigo wa wakari masu ka? (politer) or Eigo, wakaru? (=eigh-go, wah-kah-roo?)

What is it? Kore(this) / Sore(it) / Are(that) ha nan desu ka? (standard Japanese) or Nanya?(=None-yeah?)(Osaka dialect / quite friendly)

What is your name Onama-e wa nan desu ka? (politer) or Namae-oshiete kudasai(=Nah-mah-eh, oh-she-yeh-teh / polite)


Where is the washroom? Otearai wa doko desu ka? or Toire wa doko desuka?(=Toy-reh, doe-ko?)

How much does it cost?  Ikura desu ka? (Standard Japanese) or Nambo? (=Numb-boh?)(Osaka dialect)


If some words sound familiar that could be because they’ve been creatively absorbed into Japanese. Make yourself feel like you’re well on your way to being fluent with these additions to your vocabulary:

Ho-teru – Hotel

Erebe-ta – Elevator 

Basu – Bus

Fo-Ku – Fork
Kakute-ru – Cocktail
Aisukuri-mu – Ice cream

Bi-ru - Beer

sutori-to - Street 

Another couple of useful ones include:

Hai/iie - Yes/no
Sumimasen - I’m sorry/excuse me
Oishi - Delicious