China is a vast country with plenty of places to visit during your trip. You will not be able to cover all the places if you don’t plan before your trip. Here’s a small list that will help you plan your itinerary for your upcoming trip.

Top Things To Do in China

  • Hike Great Wall of China: It is one among the 7 wonders of the world which represents China on world map. The most integrated and best preserved sections are close to Beijing which most of the travelers usually hike. 
              Great Wall of China
  • The Forbidden City in Beijing: The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties for 560 years. One must visit this palace to see ancient Chinese architecture and heritage. 
  • Giant Pandas: Cuddly and lovable Giant Pandas are national treasure of China. The best place to see them is around Chengdu in Sichuan Province, “the giant pandas’ home town”.
               Giant Pandas
  •  The Bund, Shanghai: The Bund is one of the most recognizable architectural symbols of Shanghai.
  • The Terracota Army: Visit Xian to see museum of the Terracotta Army. The terracotta army, buried in 210 BC with the first emperor of the Qin dynasty, is a breathtaking site. 
  • Urban Hong Kong: It is among the top tourist cities of China. This urban and fast city is quiet famous for food, beaches, hills and island parks. 

Best Time to Travel in China              

It is usually recommended to not travel during peak seasons. Moreover, the lean period will always have some great offers from hotels and airlines that will help you save money. The places mentioned above are good to travel all the year around except for winters when some parts of china is covered with snow. 

How to Travel Within China              

Buses, subway and light rails are fast, efficient and cheap mode of transport within the country. It is also easier to take private taxis for shorter distance. However, you can take fast trains to travel long distances, especially while traveling from one city to another.

What to Get Ready for Travel             

Get you travel documents like Passport and VISA well in advance before booking flight tickets and hotel accommodation. Another important essential is to get an international SIM card for China. It will save time in searching for a vendor with pre-activated cards. Moreover, it will save you money on Forex as you would buy a telecom solution in your local currency. There is a couple of renowned telecom providers like Clay Telecom, OneSimCard, WorldSim etc., which offer custom made plans designed exclusively for your traveling needs.