Hong Kong is one of the easist places in the world to visit. Citizens of around 170 nations can visit HK visa-free for periods ranging between 7-180 days.  However, there are visa matters worth knowing about when it comes to visiting Hong Kong.  While general information is available on the Discover Hong Kong website, visitors should also take time to read through the more specific information below. 

Streamlined passport processing (no more stamps)

Beginning in 2013, Hong Kong Immigration discontinued the traditional process of stamping passports, implementing a streamlined printed arrival card system (See link)

SCMP – News Release

HK Immigration - Non-stamping Clearance Arrangement

Now, as long as you have visa-free status, you no longer are required to complete an arrival card when you enter Hong Kong. Instead, you simply hand over your passport to the immigration officer, who will run your passport through the system and generate a landing slip (no more Hong Kong arrival and visa stamps in your passport).

The printed slip will include your details as well as number of days you are permitted to stay in Hong Kong as a visitor. You should keep this landing slip with you during your stay in Hong Kong.

Where to find information regarding visa requirements to HK?

If you need information regarding your visa status or on conditions for your visit to HK, consult directly with the for Hong Kong Immigration Department Website - Public Service (Visas)

Who can enter Hong Kong Visa-free?

Nationals of about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong visa-free for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days. See the following link (Part II Part 12) on the HK Immigration website for an updated list of nations, normal stay (days) allowance and notation if nations with visa requirements. 

What if a visa to visit Hong Kong?

If you carry a passport from a nation that requires a visa to be arranged prior to your visit to Hong Kong, you should contact the Chinese embassy or consulate nearest to your place of residency.

They will be able to provide update information on requirements and are the ONLY resource you should rely upon when obtaining pertinent information regarding visa application processing times, fees, appointments and other specific questions that relate to your situation. 

More Information regarding visas and Hong Kong 

More general information on HK Visa Matters can be found on the GovHK website. 

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