An ancient arab proverb says it all, "Man fears time; time fears the pyramids".  The Pyramid of Khufu (Keops in Greek) is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world.  Built of over two million blocks of limestone, the pyramid is one of the most impressive architectural achievements in history.  Open daily.

As you walk up the street leading to the pyramids, you will be approached by touts telling you the pyramids are to the right. That's where they have their horses, donkeys and camels. They will try to lure you in that direction so that you have to take a ride with them to get to the pyramids. Just ignore them and walk straight to the end of the road and make the left at the top of the hill. You will see buses and people and the pyramids all in plain view once you get up the hill.

If you take a camel or horse ride, make sure you discuss how much and how far and long you will be going. Also, make sure you specify the number of people and that the amount covers all of you. It is quite common for the touts to suddenly pull the guilt trip and make you believe there was a misunderstanding and ask you to pay twice for the same thing because there were two of you. In case this happens, give him the money you agreed and walk away. They will say what they wish but will not get loud because of tourist police and will not follow you.

Entering the pyramids is a once in a lifetime experience but it is not necessary to enter Khufu as it is the most expensive one. You can either enter one of the smaller pyramids to get the experience or do so at Dahshur if you're taking a trip out there. They're all very similar.