There are three main types of public transportation that exhist in Beirut. The first is the standard bus, which runs on designated routes throughout the city. The second is the minibus, which is more like a larger taxi that will take you wherever you want to go. The third is simply the method of using taxis. Under normal circumstances, the bus route runs throughout the entire city and connects most important spots. You can buy the tickets at almost any stand or vendor, or you can just pay on the bus itself. If you want to take a minibus or a taxi you can just wave down a driver. However, because of the recent war that is taking place in Lebanon, many of the public service systems have been shut down or severely altered. Because information on the subject has been quite minimal, it is hard to determine whether or not the bus system has been completely shut down, but it is safe to say that is has definitely been altered. Though buses don't seem to be a likely target, any place in the city can be hit at anytime, so use discretion and be careful.