Most people in Brunei speaks or at least understand English. The official language is both Bahasa Melayu (Malay) and English. If you go to the more remote areas or would like to interact with the older/ very young folk.

The official Malay language (used in texts and official communication) are understood and used by neighbouring Malaysia & Indonesia. However each country, including Brunei has their own local dialect. Each districts in Brunei also have their own variation.

Here are some useful phrases: English: Malay with Bruneian-Malay in ()

- Yes: Ya (Awu)
- No: Tidak (Inda)
- I don't want: Tidak mahu (Inda mau)
- How are you?: Apa khabar
- Fine/ very well: Khabar Baik
- Thank you: Terima Kasih
- You're welcome: Sama-sama
- My name is...: Nama saya....
- What is your name? : Apa nama kamu/ kita?
*'kita' is used in Brunei as the polite form of 'you', only for adults, not used for children * 'kita' in Malaysia/ Indonesia means ' we '
- I am from..../ Saya berasal dari....

- Good morning: Selamat Pagi
- Good afternoon: Selamat Petang
- Good evening/night: Selamat malam

How much (price)?: Berapa harganya?
Help: Tolong