Bengaluru or Bangalore as it was called a few years back is the Information technology hub of India, touted to be the Silicon valley of India.

It has come a long way form the 70s when it used to be called the city for retirees. The transformation from a retirees' place to a youth hub happenned in the 90s due to the fact that it has most number of enginnering colleges, medical colleges and other educational institutions within a very short radius. It is still the most affordable city for business start ups and for in terms of housing (Economic Times article)

Today the Begalureans lament that it is not the same as before, but thats nothing to fret about. For sure, there is a huge difference between the old  and the new parts of Bengaluru. The new migrants especially from other parts of India prefer to stay at Whitefield, Indira Nagar in East Bengaluru. The regular hangout suburbs are Indiranagar and Koramangala with lots of variety in eatouts.

Shopping: For those with large disposable incomes who want international brands to shop, head out to the UB City. Head out to Sriramapura market to shop for beautiful fabrics, home upholstery, clothing at dirt cheap prices as there are mostly export rejects and give you great value shopping. Ofcourse here, you will have to forage. If you are a foreign visitor and want to shop your office wear or "western wear" the best places would be malls like the Central mall at competetive  prices for your dollar. Bengaluru is also very famous for saree shopping. Bengaluru Chickpet area, the old market has got a new lift and is very good to shop sarees there

South Bengaluru Basavangudi, Jayanagar, JP Nagar (where some of the bigwig business tycoons like Narayan Murthy  and other billionaires reside-Timesof India article) and Malleswaram are quaint parts of Bengaluru. RK Narayan of the famous Malgudi Days coined the word Malgudi from Malleswaram and Basavanagudi. Here you will find the way of life of Bengaluru without the hype. Head out to the markets lined on the streets, its a visual treat. Have the filter coffee and idli. Enjoy the streets lined with large trees.

Not many are aware that Bengaluru is also a hub for classical music and has carnatic music festival just like Chennai. Its during the Ramnavami month (March or April). Bengaluru is reputed to have the best taste in western music in India and dont be surprised to see the young ones more aware of english pop rather than Indian music.