Well, let's begin at the beginning....

1. Assalamu-alaikum. A general all-purpose greeting, good for any encounter and any time of day. Literally means "Peace be upon you".

2. Shukran. Pronounced "shoe kran", means "Thank you".

3. Afwan. Means "you're welcome".

4. Wayne. As in "Wayne Rooney" means "where is..", so you can say "wayne hotel such and such ?"

5. Nib-bee. Means "I want.." so you can say "nib-bee taxi" for instance.

6. Mattam. Means "restaurant".

7. Maq-ha. Means "cafe".

8. Dookkan. Means "shop".

9. Mat-hef. Means "museum".

10. Shara. Means "street".