The most necessary day trip from Victoria Falls city is to the falls itself. The falls are the largest waterfalls in the world so strong that the spray can be seen 20 miles away. They are about 1000 km from the source of water, the Zambezi River in Western Zambia. Depending on the weather, the falls can be pounding down columns of water.  The sound is thunderous as you approach the falls, a true reminder of the beautiful and magnificence of nature. This site was named a UNESCO World Heritage site for good reason.

One of the good (if expensive) ways to view the falls is in a light plane called the ‘Flight of the Angels.’ Also, another way to see the grandiosity of the falls is to walk across the bridge to Livingstone, Zambia to view the magnificent sprays from the opposite side of the gorge. In fact, since recently the political situation has been volatile in Zimbabwe, some tourists have preferred to view the falls from the Zambian side. 

 There is a number of trails that lead through the rainforest surrounding the thundering Falls. Travelers can wander through the trials and meditate amongst the shrubbery. Visitors also can try viewing the falls from various vistas, including the Devil's Cataract towards the west of the abyss.

 One day trip which is widely advertised is a day trip to Chobe in Botswana. You will get a river safari, lunch and a game drive. Best in the dry season but recommended and possible at any time of year.