Zanzibaris are the people comprised by the "Ungujans aka waUnguja" from Unguja island of the Zanzibar Archipelago and "waPemba" people from the Pemba island. Most of the people ~98% in Zanzibar are muslims, meaning that you wil see many mosques,madressa(religious schools) in and around the islands most women dressing modestly and headscarfs .

Some of the traditional and cultural ethics in Zanzibar island are different compared to the Tanzania mainland's people  for example; 

1. Seperation of women and men groups in most public instituions giving services

2. Men and women normaly do not hand shake!

3.ALWAYS use right hand when shaking hands. Using the left hand is considered an insult since it is the one used mainly for cleaning one's self while in toilets. Using your left hand when giving any object including money is also be considered an insult !

4. Elderly & old aged people are given priority in all services unless in emergency cases!

5. Elderly should be greeted first! .

6 .SALAAM/SALOM aka ASALAM ALAIKUM (God's Peace be Upon you) is the formal salutation to all.

7. "Chechei" or "Mambo/Jambo" is an informal salutation mainly used in local street's life by children/young adults/teens to elders ! 

8. Dressing modestly in public will earn you a mutual respect to both male and female  .

9. In Africa a mother with an infant is considered as one in need hence given preference !