Algeria’s capital is home to the country’s finest selection and widest variety of architectural prowess, and the city’s old part may be the best place to begin a tour as any since it represents the heart of the heritage of Algiers.

The Kasbah of congested streets and markets gives a glimpse into the past through the presence of numerous old buildings, mosques, and Moorish palaces, all of which are designed in historical practices that lend a rather timeless aesthetic.  

Aside from safety, however, recent complaints regarding this old quarter and its contained Kasbah area revolve around the issue of neglect.  Although declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and a government-protected historical landmark, the ancient constructions boasted by this neighborhood are still falling apart as many of its architectural gems descend into disrepair.  More than a third of the houses here have collapsed, another third are deteriorating, and political instability in recent years has largely precluded any significant rehabilitation or renovation of the area.

Check out the Berber fortifications in the Old City, the surrounding French colonial buildings, the ancient winding alleys and roads, and the homes dating back to Ottoman Turkish times.