Here are some news….


Now at the Marina Pez Vela, you can find a fully operational Tour Center, operated by the tour operators themselves; this means you cn save some money, by booking directly with them. It’s located in between the roofed parking area and the docks. Here you can find the Manuel Antonio Catamaran Adventures (Ocean King), Manuel Antonio Jet Ski Tour, Trimaran Sunset Sail Tours & the Catamaran Manuel Antonio (Sunset Sails Tours) and Tucanes Tours. This last one does not operate sailing tours, but they do operate tours such as whitewater rafting, hiking tours, kayaking tours and mangrove tours.


If you are staying in a private house, and not a hotel, you’ll probably need some groceries. In the Manuel Antonio area, they tend to be expensive however, assuming you have a car, downtown Quepos and surroundings, you can find everything you need from food to booze. Here’s a small, but useful, list of places to buy groceries at a decent price…. In Quepos: supermarket Palí, Super Jordix and Super 2000. If you have some time, just outside Quepos, towards San José, you can find the Maxi Palí. If it happens you are staying over a weekend (Friday & Saturday), you can but fresh vegetables at the Quepos’s open market, right in front the seafront.


Well… this topic is controversial because of many factors. I’ve seen “local experts” recommending $ 60 for meal restaurants…. Or even worse, recommending restaurants that are notorious for their bad service. However… In Quepos there are not many restaurants, and the ones at The Marina Pez Vela, tend to be somewhat expensive. Downtown Quepos, I can mention Restaurante Escalofrio, great Italian restaurant, serving wooden oven pizza; La Dolce Vita, another Italian restaurant, very good pastas; Blue Restaurant & Social Lounge, this is more like an upscale local bar, simple food but good ambiance; The Brooklyn Bakery, this one is good for snack, sandwiches, bagels etc; and finally the Gran Escape, with new owners, new management, but they kept the quality and improved the pricing (in the good way…). In Manuel Antonio, things are different. Most of the restaurants are hotel owned, and the ones that are out of the hotels tend to be expensive. However there are a few exceptions…. Gondola Gourmet, with its homemade ravioli; Emilio's Cafe, has an incredible view, and very good breakfasts; Ronny's Place, is off the main road, but it worth a try, at least for sunset. What all these restaurants have in common is the regular pricing and the good service.


Now, and until September, whale watching is the big deal, but in Quepos/Manuel Antonio, no company operates a specific whale watching tour. It’s rainy season, there’s no doubt that the best tour is whitewater rafting. However, as it’s cooler, spotting more animals in the National Park, and on horseback riding’s tours, is easier. Mangrove wildlife observation stays steady, with the white faced monkeys, aquatic birds, silky anteater and reptiles. There are only three companies that are operating since the beginning of time in Quepos/ Manuel Antonio, and all of them are specialized in some tour. Tucanes Tours, Amigos Del Rio and Iguana Tours. These companies are very good in what they do, and for that reason it is very difficult to recommend one. So if you are going for a tour, the only recommendation I can give you, is to use these companies.