When you go to any bank in Costa Rica, whether a state bank or a private bank, to exchange dollars into colones, make sure you ask them to show you the exchange rate on the computer screen. Costa Rica does not have a fixed exchange rate since this fluctuates on a daily basis due to economical policies at the time. By asking the clerk to show you the exchange rate, you make sure they are giving you the correct exchange rate for your dollars. 


How To Walk Safely In San Jose -
Several safety tips to keep in mind when walking in the streets of downtown San José:


Ø  Carry shoulder bags and backpacks in front of you to keep thieves from cutting them open.

Ø  Take a cab when you go from your hotel to the bus terminal.

Ø  Do not ask for directions. Walk into a store and ask a clerk for directions.

Ø  If you notice someone following you, walk into a store and stay there for a while.

Ø  Beware of street scams, such as:

·         Someone walking slowly in front of you while someone reaches  from behind.

·         Someone will drop something and bend over in front of you.

·         Someone will stop you and ask you for the time – common distraction.

·         Don’t stop to pick up money you see just lying there in front of you.

Although these tips may seem real common sense to the foreign traveler, it is surprising how often foreigners as well as the locals fall for distractions. 

This is a useful map to plan your hike in San Jose and avoid high risk locations