Most travelers arrive in Belize via the Belize International Airport. This Airport is an exit off the Northern Hwy in Ladyville, 10 miles outside Belize City. Airlines that carter to this airport include American Air, Continental Air and Taca air. Since Belize City is the critical hub for all transport and travel throughout Belize, Belize Municipal Airport hosts many domestic flights throughout the day. Many travelers choose to stay in Belize City for one or two days, before traveling to another area of Belize to explore and adventure. For instance, Tropic Air and Maya Island Air have regular flights from Belize City to Ambergris Caya and Caya Caulker. However, travelers should be cognizant that these planes are very, very small (with perhaps 5 passengers and one pilot) for these inter-island flights. The flights range in price, from about $75 to $150 dollars. (for more info, see

Once arriving in Belize International airport, travelers can easily hop in a cab to the center of town for about $20.

Many travelers also arrive in Belize city via cruise ship. These large vessels dock at the harbor near the tourism village in Belize City, where it is easy to walk as well as hail a cab to various hotels and restaurants.