The first people to settle in Belize were Creoles. Then Mestizos and a smaller number of Lebanese, Chinese, East Indians and Caucasian settled to make Belize City a very ethnically diverse place. There remains a strong creole (or Kriol) culture in Belize, with communities near the Belize River, practice Sambai dacing, Anancy story telling and braming. English is the official language in Belize though many Belizeans speak Spanish (especially on the border of Guatemala). Belize also has Mayan background and some native Mayans in their population as well. There

The city itself has a laid-back, breezy Caribbean vibe with palm-trees and old fashioned colonial buildings. However, it also has all the attributes of a modern metropolis. It is a stopping point for cruises, as people come to Belize city to organize trips and adventures, from hiking in the rainforests or diving around the unspoiled reefs. Since tourism is becoming increasingly profitable, the downtown part of Belize has received a face-lift over the last few years, as the colonial properties with red roofs and wooden walls have been re-renovated. However, while some of the houses are pleasant, the downtown area also can be unsafe after dark and some of the neighborhoods can be questionable for tourists.