The Zion-Mt Carmel tunnel is located on Highway 9 in Zion National Park, between Springdale and Mt Carmel Juntion.

The tunnel, constructed in the 1920's, is narrow with tight curves and  is very small for both modern RVs and even for larger pickups such as duallys.

There are certain restrictions which apply if you are driving any type of RV - or other large vehicle - through the tunnel. All larger vehicles must have a tunnel escort and pay a $15 fee , in addition to the standard Nat'l Park entrance fee. The fee is good for two trips through the tunnel.

You must stop at the entrance station and have your RV or large vehicle measured. The escort will be provided by Park Service employees. Tunnel escort hours will be posted and may change seasonally.  In busy summer traffic, there may be delays.

   -->  All vehicles which are 7'10" or more in width - including mirrors - will require an escort.   This includes many of today's larger full size dually pickups, as well as nearly all motorhomes larger than Class B vans plus almost all towable travel trailers.

   -->  All vehicles which are 11'4" or taller in height will require an escort.

   -->  The following RVs or other vehicles are prohibited from entering the tunnel: 

Any vehicle 13'1" or taller ... Any single vehicle over 40' long ... Any combined vehicles over 50' long.

If you plan to tow a larger travel trailer with a crew cab pickup, be sure to measure the entire length of your unit, as it will probably be over the 50' length limit.  Most large Class A motorhomes will be over the height limit.  If you are towing a vehicle with a Class C motorhome, again measure the entire length including the tow bar/hitch.

For additional information, please check the NPS website: