Estonian country code is 372, which is dialled before any number when calling to Estonia from a foreign phone. When dialling locally, there is no need for the country code. There are no local area codes in Estonia. The landline numbers are 6-7 digits long and cell numbers 7-8 digits (starting with a 5).

To call to Estonia from abroad, dial +372 (or 00372) followed by the phone number.

To call from Estonia to abroad, dial + (or 00) followed by the country code, the local area code (where applicable) and the phone number. 

Local pre-paid cell phone cards can be bought from newsstands, supermarkets and most of the smaller convenience stores, and of course from the cell phone dealers. You can get a pre-paid card with 50 EEK (€3,2), which includes a sim-card and 50 EEK worth of talk time. However, you need a cell phone which works in Europe (GSM 900/1800, a tri-band or a quad-band phone).

There are no more public payphones in Estonia, as everybody has moved on to cellular.

For cell phone roaming information, consult your local operator.