Estonia claims to have about 1500 lakes. Estonia claims to have 200 rivers. Estonia claims to have about 1500 islands. 

 In Estonia, a lake is a body of standing water of any size varying from the size of pond to a small inland sweetwater sea; a river is a body of flowing water that may not have a clearly visible beginning but does have a visible end and an island is just about any land of any size that juts above the surface of the northern and western seas. 


Travel Guides usually present the most alluring attractions first. In this trio of natural attractions the Islands are way ahead of Rivers (waterfalls) and Lakes.

Estonia's lakes are under portrayed. 


 The largest - Peipsi Järv is shared with Russia. Peipsi is Europe's 5th largest lake.



  • The sandy beaches along the shore of the northern rim of the lake are very popular.
  • The line villages of the Old Believers of Varnja, Kasepää and Kolkja
  • The Kolkja Fish Restaurant
  • The Old Believers' Prayer House, Craft Shop and Church
  • Alatskivi mōis (slightly inland)
  • Varska Spa at the southern extremeity of the lake. 


 The 2nd largest - Vōrtsjärv. 


 Visitors can't do better than first looking at Estonia's tourist info on the islands.