Vilnius, Lithuania offers a variety of choices for going out at night.  The  number of clubs and bars in Vilnius is impressive for a city inhabited by just half a million people. The only thing needed to know are the right places.

There are two main areas of clubbing in Vilnius. Both are within walking distance away from each other, so if you don’t like one place just move on to another next door.

   Vokieciu street district – the busiest place of Vilnius nightlife. Usually more active during summer period with plenty of outdoor seating and some good clubs

  Mojo Lounge Vilnius  – one of the top destinations of Vilnius nightlife attracting hundreds of people by it`s exclusive luxurious design, pleasantly friendly atmosphere, live performances and international DJs. The club is official Moët & Chandon embassy in Lithuania, favorite among stylish local people and foreigners. Always full from 23:00 p.m. to 5 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

  Absentofejos  – strict face control, but if you are lucky to get in you will havechance to meet some Lithuanian super stars there. Small but very stylish and fancy interior. Don’t arrive here before 3 a.m. as the main action starts when the rest of the city is already sleeping.

   SalentoPub  – former Helios nightclub run by Italian guys attracts big crowds of foreign students and wanna-be girls. Full even on weekdays. One of the places to go if you are in town for Tuesday or Wednesday. Hated and avoided by locals, popular among Italian tourists and erasmus students.

  Californiabar  – Trendy and good place. Not far away from rest of the clubs. Good for snack and appetizer before your lunch.

   Mojito nights  – mojito cocktail bar in the cellar. Similar to the coyote bar style. You can see bartenders dancing on the bar and spilling burning drinks straight on the bar. Cool place to check.

Bix bar  not far away from Mojito nights - good dance place, variety of drinks and snacks. Labeled as 'alternavite', but isn't exactly alternative.

  Islandijos street district – one of the busiest place this spring of 2014. Action starts Fridays and Saturdays after 8 p.m.

  Disco 311 Buddhabar  – largest operating club at the moment since the recent closure of the Pacha Vilnius club. Attracts big crowds. Interior is decorated with large three-meter-tall Buddha statue. Famous tunes. Five girls to one boy ratio make it very impressive for single guys. Very popular among Italian and Spanish tourists, avoided by locals. Strict face control. Bigest vomiting crowd outside at 2 a.m.

  Marushkabar  – the same owner as Disco 311 the Russian style bar next door. Russian music and ladies with high heels

  VinchensoMimoza  – a new wine bar with fusion Asian menu. Has outdoor seating, where you can smoke your Al Capone cigarillos and watch night action happening around on the street. Inside there is a good selection of wine at supermarket prices. Also good for take away, as there are no shops selling liquor during night.

  PanteraClub  - cocktail bar with a huge long bar in the middle and comfy leather blacksofas on the sides. Since opening in spring 2011  attracts most of the bold and beautiful local expats. Strict face control filters young wanksters to stay out.

   Briusly  – small but very cozy place to be. Young and trendy crowd. DJs spin latest tunes in the cellar. This is the place to be if you are in to Converse, t-shirts and casual wear. Also good for dinning after 12pm. Their asian kitchen is a good bite for your buck. Runs night club  Opium  next door where you can have the best international djs.

  Also some other places on the same street, just recently opened, not to crowdy but gatheringmore attention -  Piano man Berlin bar .

  In neighboring Totorių street You will find trendy Paparazzi club, latest closing shot's bar (M)isterija

 There's also quite a nice place on Traku street -  Opalocka, with international djs like Opium.

In front of Tarantino there's   Pabo latino  - a popular dance club catering for older and richer locals, TV stars, Italian and Spanish tourists. There are 2 floors in it: 1 open-air patio with club music (1st floor), and the other inside dance-floor with mainly Latino music. Mind that there's quite a strict face control checking if you're sober enough and if your clothes are smart enough.