Slovakia uses international prefix 421 (+421). 

Numbers have standard format with 9 digits.

  • When dialing, add "0" before the number: e.g. 02/12345678 (when dialing from mobile, you can also dial in international format with prefix +421 or 00421 - in this case do not add "0": +421 2 12345678)  
  • For Bratislava area, local prefix consists of one digit (2), followed by 8-digit number, e.g.  02/12345678 For other regions, local prefix consists of two digits (e.g. 32), followed by 7-digit number.
  • Mobile phone numbers have three-digit operator prefix (e.g. 905), followed by 6-digit number: 0905/123456 (international format +421 905 123456).
  • There are special short numbers often used by taxi services. Format of the number is 16xxx or 17xxx and these numbers should be dialed with local prefix (e.g. 02/16777 or +421/2/16777); short numbers 18xxx can be also dialed without local prefix (+421/18xxx).  
  • When calling to other country, dial double zero (00) before the international prefix of the country (when dialing from mobile, you can also dial "+" instead of "00")  

There are three mobile operators in Slovakia:

They all operate GSM standard 2G networks with wide coverage of the country, complemented by 3G and LTE coverage in urban areas.

If you want to avoid expensive roaming charges when in Slovakia, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card. Please note that your passport or ID card can be required when buying a SIM card (you don't need it when buying coupons to top your credit) and the operator is entitled to scan or copy the passport or ID card according to Slovak telecommunications legislation. 

Probably the most suitable prepaid card for tourists is called Tesco Mobile (which uses services of O2 networks) and it can be purchased at Tesco supermarkets.The card can be used also for data communication (access to the internet from the phone). 

  • Orange's prepaid service is called Prima karta.
  • T-Com's prepaid service is called Easy card.
  • O2's prepaid service is called O2 Fér (pronounced as "fair") 
Once you have your SIM card activated, you can top your credit either by purchasing coupons with scratch-codes, online or in selected ATMs.