Doolin can be a lively village during the summer.  Situated beside the sea, it has spectacular views of conemara and Galway Bay.  The main street "Fisherstreet" shows lot of Irish culture.  On the street you can find a typical Irish pub which serves "bacon and cabbage".  It also has a two music shops both in cottages that remind you of a few centauries ago.  The locals are kind and will always give you directions.  They are so nice they make you feel like you are a  local person who lives in Doolin.  Doolins night life is wonderful.  Almost everynight the pubs have Irish music.  No matter which pub you decide to go too, you will have great "craic"

There is a pier in Doolin in which ferries taveling from the Aran Islands arrive and bring people to the three islands (Inis Mór, Inis Mann, Inis Oirr)  From the pier you can find an amazing view of the Cliffs of Moher.  Ferries also bring tourists on tour to the Cliffs of Moher.  To make it interesting visitors should go by foot, because you can always stop to check things out and even talk to the locals.  


Fisherstreet village(one half of Doolin-Roadford being the other village in Doolin)


Irish music being played in a local pub


Doolin from afarDoolin from afar




Cliffs of Moher(Which can be seen from the pier)