There are generally two kinds of weather across Ireland: raining and going to rain. This is especially true in the area around the Dingle Peninsula, which is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and catches the brunt of the Gulf Stream. As a result of this warm water that comes up from the Gulf of Mexico the region can be relatively mild year round.

Don’t expect anything resembling a hot summer however. While July and August can be the warmest months, the term “warm” is completely relative. Daytime temperatures in Dingle can be in the low to mid 70s and when it hits 80 degrees it is considered a true heat wave! However, in the winter temperatures seldom reach freezing.

As the joke goes it does rain a lot, and in the winter this can mean periods of almost non-stop light rain where it seems like you’re practically underwater. During the summer there is enough of break in the rain that the sun does veer from time to time. All this makes for a land that is truly green.

The closeness to the ocean does put in a bit of chill so be sure to dress accordingly. And there will be strong winds in the winter, but even the summer you’ll be sure to feel a constant fresh ocean breeze.