Elba Island, in general, is a pretty safe location to visit. Far away from all of the hype and hysteria of larger cities, there is a more laid back attitude that forms when you get to the island. Though it is an island, there is also the sense of traditional Italian customs, so you shouldn't expect to just absolutely let loose. The people on the island who work and live there year-round are there to serve you and make your visit enjoyable, so you should feel in good hands. Still, when visiting a popular tourist destination, you need to watch out for certain characters. There might be people who try to swindle you or pick your pockets if you aren't paying attention. You should never, under any circumstance, leave your wallet out on a table. Even if it is only for one minute, an experienced pick pocketer can come up and snatch it. Never leave your passport behind in the room, and don't leave your camera slung around your neck. Con artists love to attack those travelers who look lost or don't know what they are doing, so don't just take out a map and stand still. If you ever do get in trouble contact the polizia or the United States Embassy. Still, even though you need to watch out for some bad eggs, you shouldn't suspect everyone one the island.