Nature has its own way of exposing the wonders enjoyed by many... Like a steak off a Bar-B-Q grill, rare, medium and well done. No matter what the case, just savior the view.  Reflecting back to those "70's”, even Viet Nam shared it's" field of dreams' under dark clouds of conflict and despair. The quiet glamour of the rolling hills of Spain shaded with olive trees and grown by a people one comes to love. Their hospitality beyond reproach. A very warm summer day and a two hour "power nap" known as a siesta, ready for the night’s festivities. Once witnessing the bloom of foliage in the outback of Australia right after a lost, stray, dark cloud emptied its coffers of rain upon this desolate land. The colors galore only to disappear days later. An Asian sky, a grateful people, a culture of spices and a rugged terrain, the tranquility of the land called South Korea.

North America also shares the spot light and the Grand Tetons of Wyoming second to none, majestic in size and beauty and it's year around. From far below, the view takes one to the highest of peaks. Oh! How did Mother Nature find the budget to afford such a spectacular sight? At same time the sun that glowed over the Tetons is setting down with a grand performance over the islands of the Florida Keys. What a show! Play it again Sam! It always does, different, never the same, each and every-time. Repetition is the key to success and the Keys are proof. New England, what do you have to say for yourself? Don't count it out as the fall comes in. How many colors do you have? The spectrum just dazzles an incomprehensible array of orange, red, yellows and hues. The stories they tell have been written many times over.

Don't just picture in your mind what your eyes have seen; expose yourself to what is felt in your heart.

Travel and experience the wonder.This world has a soul, do your best to save it!