The best restaurants that we found on our trip was without doubt the Brasserie and The Grapevine.The brasserie is an old mansion house which belonged to the Govenor General We sat on the terrace which is just in front of the mosque, through the arch we could see the sea. The skyline at night from this terrace is beautiful with its changing colours. It is very child friendly the staff did all they could to keep our 3 entertained. The cusine is mainly italian as the owner is itlian, but the food was wonderful and the wine list extensive, it is the only place we found hat had french, italian and austrilian as well as turkish wines. It is situated on thr top of the harbour steps and is a must. The Grapevine is situted on the main road into town adjacant to the petrol station opposite a shop called Atanco. A wonderful european menu and Kleftoco to die for, its set in a lovely walled garden and Lisa was delightful. The warmth and ambience from both these restaurants was the best that we have experienced anywhere.I defy anybody to say otherwise, we recomended both to fellow hotel guests and they all said the same, in fact one couple spend every night going between both restaurants.I hope you find these places you wont be disappointed. Enjoy.