Kuopio in February

I and my young son stayed five days in Kuopio, Finland last February in mid winter (temp. during day - minus 8 Celsius. We went for the outdoor ice skating on the lakes that surround the city. For someone used to indoor skating as in UK where the ice is conditioned by machine, the lake ice was unnerving. Ripples and cracks and hard work.

getting around the city of Kuopio on foot is hard work in winter. 

Public transport in the city is reliable but expensive, unless you can buy a ticket that gives you unrestricted travel over a period. The train system is brilliant. Efficient, fast, puctual and clean. Unlike Ireland the Finns love their animals, and most trains have a special coach for owners and their animals to travel together without cages or nasty restrictions. Whenever you buy a train ticket, your seat is automatically booked.