Phone numbers

Finnish country code is 358, then there is area code, for example (0)9 in Helsinki-area. Mobile phone numbers starts with (0)40, (0)50 etc.

Public phones 

In recent years old fashion phonebooths have almost become history in Finland, you rarely see them. These can only be found for example in the main places of city centres, if at all. Even in Helsinki it is practically impossible to find them.


Main Finnish mobile phone operators have wide range of roaming contracts, so there should not be difficulties to use your mobile phone in Finland

Using Finnish phone operators

You can buy a prepaid SIM-card from kiosk (for example R-Kioski) or mobilephone shops. These will work with GSM 900 or 1800-phones (depends on the operator). These SIM-cards have for example 10 euros worth of money and they'll cost couple of euros extra. These subscriptions of are called "prepaid-liittymä". Try to Google following:

  • DNA prepaid
  • Sonera easy
  • Gomobile prepaid
  • Kolumbus prepaid
  • Renting a mobile phone

    Hiring phones is not very common in Finland. If don't have a phone, you can by a second-hand phone from a mobilephone shop, and then use a prepaid-subscription. You can get a working phone as little as 20 euros.

    Useful Info

    00 is the International Direct Dial Code to call overseas from within Finland.

    358 is the International Country Code for Finland.

    112 is the General Emergency number for Finland.

    City Area Telephone Codes

    • 9  Helsinki
    • 3 Tampere
    • 2 Turku
    • 6 Vaasa

    Tele Finland official website:-