Visitors come to Corfu for various reasons. The culturearchitecture, and definitely the weather are common factors for Corfu's visitors. Boating /sailing has a big influence and interest on the island.

Weather in Corfu is better than the average Mediterranean. Summers are not long and hot like in the Greek mainland. Instead, the summer temperatures are cooler, green, and misty. May, June, July,  August, September and October are ideal months for vacationing.

Be aware there are Mosquitoes in the nightime on Corfu all summer - they are harmless but love us to bits - You would be well advised to get some repellent and Antihistamine in your luggage......... They will usually get you the first evening you arrive on holiday as you forget to spray - then your holiday will start with itchy skin and end with itchy skin - USE the spray every evening and cover up ankles and shoulders before dusk.** If you would rather not use chemicals - rub fresh lemonjuice on your ankles arms and back of the neck before the evening begins 


This is the early tourist season. Daytime temperature remain an average of mid 20's (ºC).The tavernas are quiet and the beaches are sparsely populated. Evenings are cooler and the water is a little cold. Fireflies are special visitors to the coastal areas. Beautiful, colourful and unusual tropical flowers and cactus come to life and can be enjoyed as the temperatures rise


The warmer daytime averages of 25-30 ºC and breezy sunsets make this a prime month for travel. It is better suited for visitors that want to go club hopping or with younger families. Also for sightseeing, relaxing in the cafes and Tavernas or visiting historical landmarks. 


Sunshades & a hat is recommended during July, drink plenty of iced water with a chunk of fresh lemon. A popular time for local families as schools break for the summer, and have family time in the tavernas eating and relaxing, mainly on Sundays. Most Corfuits work all through the summer months. Be prepared to wait a little longer at tavernas, as Greek life is slower when it is hot . Temps can be as high as 40deg.  And some people just love this heat - swimming with a sun hat  in the sea in July is recommended, July is a gorgeous month, Resort beaches are busier, but there are lots of secluded quieter beaches to be found all around the island - take a sun brolly !


The weather is hot and dry, still in the high 30's to low 40's although there is still usually a gentle breeze, tourists and visitors from all over the world can be seen here during their own annual holidays - Cruise ships and car ferries full of visitors arrive in the Port of Corfu daily.


First half of the month is usually hot, low to mid 30's with breezier afternoons than August. During the second half, there is a good chance of showers and temps around 25c.


October weather is similar to May's. The evenings stay cool and the day time temps transition back to the mid 20's. There are fewer crowds at the tavernas and on the beaches as children are back in school. The sun sits lower in the sky; thereby, the sky retains a bright blue color. The high atmospheric clarity creates the most stunning view of the year.

Winter Months

The winter travel paths are inconvenient. Visitors must  travel through Athens with 3-4 daily flights operated by Aegean Airlines. Rain, unexpected cold swells, and very occasional frosts give the appearance of countries farther North.  Corfu does not see temperatures falling below 0 Celsius very often, but it is the humidity which raises the discomfort.

Links to Corfu weather info

  •  The environmental Research institute has a more extensive - and pretty accurate - forecast, it has recently added English pages, so you'll face no problems reading it.