Lisbon and its surrounding region is popular among golfers because of its excellent year 'round climate and beautiful natural settings.  Lisbon is home to a few popular courses, while its surrounding area offers visitors several more to choose from.  One of the most popular courses in Lisbon is The Clube de Golfe do Paco do Luminar, a 9-hole course built by American golfer, Gary Grandstaff.  The club is within Lisbon's city limits and offers players a restaurant and clubhouse for relaxing after the game.

 Another of Lisbon's well-known courses, and one of its oldest, is the Lisbon Sports Club.  The club was founded in 1880 by English settlers and is located just outside of the city amongst a tree-lined landscape.   It has been in its present location since 1922.  For prices and hours see their website.

You may also want to try your out sailing, kayaking, or windsurf. You may do this at Marina Parque das Nações, with sailing lessons or simply a river tour on one of the yachts that can take you to the Tagus Natural Reserve or see Lisbon and its monuments by river.